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 The Rules [Please Read]

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Carmilla Allencourt
Carmilla Allencourt

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The Rules [Please Read] Empty
PostSubject: The Rules [Please Read]   The Rules [Please Read] I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 03, 2016 12:23 am

1. No using other people's characters unless you have that person's permission to do so.

2. Try to use a posting order in topics with more than two characters. It'll help keep things orderly and give others a chance to post.

3. Your characters are not all-knowing, all-seeing gods, but given that some characters are supernatural or psychically sensitive, some things (within reason) may be gleaned through certain means (like psychometry or clairvoyance).

4. While there is room for character development, try to keep your character consistent. A cold blooded killer is not very likely to suddenly become a saint because they've seen someone they want to get jiggy with. Love does not absolve one of sins. Have them stumble. Have them recognize their mistakes and own up to them. And, if what they did is bad enough, they may remain unforgiven.

5. If anyone hasn't notified me or someone who can that they're unable to post due to real life circumstances within three months, the characters they have will either be killed off or given to someone who doesn't already have the maximum of characters.

6. Please respect your fellow RPers! If you have a disagreement, take it somewhere else and don't let it bleed into the RP itself. If there are instances of hate speech or someone pushes another RPer to pursue a plotline that other person isn't comfortable with (like rape) they WILL be banned from the RP and their character will be killed off. People will have different boundaries, so just ask what they're okay with and what they aren't.

7. Following that logic, I don't want to allow sexual violence into this RP. This covers the different forms of rape like the traditional concept of a stranger attacking someone in an alley, rape by coercion and rape by deception. Dubcon is just a six-letter word for rape, so don't try to sneak that past anyone here.

8. Since we have supernatural characters, it's especially important that you try to stay away from over powered characters and adhere to weaknesses for whatever species you choose. Every creature tends to have at least one fatal flaw. This will give human characters--who might be knowledgeable about the supernatural if they paid attention to superstitions--a chance to survive the RP. Plus, more drama!
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The Rules [Please Read]
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