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 Amalthea Beaumont

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Amalthea Beaumont
Amalthea Beaumont

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Amalthea Beaumont Amalth10

Amalthea Beaumont
18 years old
Between maid

Amalthea is a little shy in unfamiliar settings and with strangers. It takes her some time to acclimate, but once she does, people find her a very kind and somewhat open person. She has trouble asserting herself at times, but that doesn't mean she's always a doormat. She's very sensitive to others problems and does what she can to help them.

Amalthea is the only daughter and second child of a nouveau riche family, who gained their wealth through trading. She was doted on by her family, and especially by her father, who was ecstatic over his baby girl and called her his 'princess'. The beginning of her life was undeniably full of love and promise.

When she was five, her brother Joseph died while climbing a tree. But he didn't leave. Amalthea could see him all the time. They still played together. He still made her laugh. But her parents didn't understand. They didn't see. Her parents told her over and over that Joseph was in heaven, he wasn't jumping on the bed. They said if she didn't stop lying, if she didn't stop talking to something that wasn't there, they'd have to send her away somewhere people would make her better again. She learned to ignore Joseph, no matter how much he cried. She got very good at it over the next few years.

But at ten, Joseph wasn't the only one bothering her. Others came in the night. Some looked the same as her, health in their cheeks and light in their eyes. Others, however, she dreaded to see when they came. Skeletal hands would grasp at her hair and eyes, a man with half a face would scream at her, shadows danced on her bedroom walls. She couldn't pretend anymore. She was too afraid.

Her parents sent her away like they promised. For the next five years, she was left in a small cell with nothing but her nightmares. Joseph kept her company. Sometimes he was even able to chase the bad ones off. One day, she was let out for work in the orchard that helped support the asylum financially. The orchard itself was backed up to the back section of the walls surrounding the asylum grounds. Some trees had branches going over the wall, providing an opportunity. She took it.

After that, she had to steal clothes from houses in the town neighboring the asylum. She stowed away on trains as much as she could, but was never quite sure where she was heading. She just wanted to get as far away from the asylum and her parents as she could.

She found herself in a small town, sleeping in the tiny church at night and wandering the town begging for money during the day. One day, she heard a woman was in town looking to hire people for some manor out in the forest. Figuring she'd give it a shot, Amalthea got an interview with the woman. To her surprise, she got the job. Now, she just wants to have a safe place to go to sleep in, and doesn't care if it means cleaning up after others to have it.

During her stay in the asylum, she learned how to sew, cook, and clean. She can see ghosts, but is working on blocking them out to make things easier while she's working.
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Amalthea Beaumont
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