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 The maid is in {Written Audition}

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Belle Sinclair

Belle Sinclair

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The maid is in {Written Audition}  Empty
PostSubject: The maid is in {Written Audition}    The maid is in {Written Audition}  I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 05, 2016 1:25 pm

Belle Sinclair, a young woman, was born into a family who had a mansion. She was an only child in the family with no brothers nor sisters, so, she was spoiled with love. She did grow up with a compassionate heart who didn't like to brag about her being an only child to other kids around her area, and she was mainly helping out a maid in the house. The maid, whom lived in the home, did like to take care of the household chores and Belle did look up to her. The maid's name was Penelope Amour and she was French, so, she did learn a couple of French words, so, she would be able to speak two different languages. She did like to help her throughout the day growing up, especially with the dishes and scrubbing the floor.

"Madame Penelope, may I please help out with the dishes?" The young brunette asked, with a sweet, little girl smile as she tugged on her dress. Penelope looked at the young girl giving out a charming look and nodded. "Of course." She responded, and gave her a towel to use and, she right away, started to work on drying the dishes since the dishes were already washed. As she was drying them up, the dishes were clean in a couple of seconds. "Thank you, sweet Belle." She thanked her and gave her a piece of cheesecake with strawberries.

As she started to eat her dessert, she thought and wondered on what it felt like to be maid in the house, whom worked hard. She thought that working as a maid for a couple of years in a mansion would be fun, but, at the same time, hardworking. She looked at Penelope while she was doing some more dishes in the kitchen with a sweet smile. "Hey, Penelope. What does it take to be a maid in a giant place like this?" The blonde haired woman looked at Belle sweetly and sat by her. "Well, Belle. All it takes is kindness, compassion within your work, and most importantly, determination. All you need are those things and you'll be a successful maid and you can clean in any place." As the brunette preteen heard those words, she nodded and gave her a giant hug. "Thank you, Madame Penelope. I will have those qualities to be the best maid, like you." Penelope hugged her back and gave her a small wink. "Sweet, I know you have the confidence to be a great maid." She said, with, yet another sweet smile and looked up at her.

To earn practice, Belle watched Penelope do the work and she would try to do the same chore as she did, so, she could do them in the neatest way possible. She was trying extra hard to at least get the job done as well and she did get awarded with for doing a good job. She and Penelope have been working to at least clean up the home for at least a couple of years until her unexpected death, due to her having a disease. During her last few moments with Belle, she did give her a photo of her and the small brunette girl. Belle hated to see her go so soon but, she did learn a lot from her. "Thank you for teaching me your ways. I learned a lot from you." Belle said, to the blonde woman who did cough a little more before her passing. Once she passed away, Belle did have tears coming down her cheek and kissed her on the forehead. "Thank you, Madame Penelope." she whispered into her ear.

When Belle turned around twenty-three years old, she did move out of the family mansion and got her own small cabin in the woods area. She did start to look for a job that did require a maid position. Although finding a place was hard, she knew and had the hope that she'll find a place to work at. After all, that hard work was going to pay off eventually. She did return to the mansion a couple of weeks later for a visit, and during the visit, she found a newspaper on the front step of the Sinclair mansion saying that the Blackwell Manor did need a maid job position and she did feel excited to apply for the job. "This place looks great!" She thought to herself as she started to pack up the cleaning supplies from Penelope's room. She looked at the room for the last time and blew a kiss, as though she was there. "I'm getting a job Madame Penelope." She whispered, inside the room, as though her spirit was listening to her.

As she started to go to the Manor, it was pretty cold out, and she walked into the place waiting for someone to lead her in. So, she knocked on the door and someone approached her. She did look like a female woman with a light color brunette hair. She did seem pretty nice, and Belle hoped that she would at least have her have the job.

"Hello, my name is Belle, Belle Sinclair. I saw that in the paper, that you need a maid position." She said to the brunette woman with a smile. The woman looked up at her with a soft look of determination. "Well, the house does need more people. Come in and talk to me about yourself."

As Belle got into the main hall, she saw that the house looked very fancy compared to her original mansion she grew up in. She looked around at the place and thought that it looked really old, but decided to help out with the place. "My, miss. I see that the manor looks very nice. I never heard of a manor like this before." The woman looked at her with a nod. "I see, well glad you could come in and at least help with the place." Belle was not sure if the woman owned the place or if there was and silt that lived here before, but nevertheless, she needed the job.

"So, anywho, please tell me about yourself." The brunette young woman said, as Belle looked up at her, being ready to speak. "Well, I was raised by a family who lived in a mansion, and I did have experience with cleaning up a house before. I did work with a maid named Penelope and I thought that she was absolutely helpful and taught me the grand ways on how to properly clean up a giant place. I felt honored to work with her before her passing, and as soon as I found out about this job, I knew that my organizational and cleaning skills would come in handy." She explained, in a tone that sounded as though she was determined and showed her the cleaning equipment. She then showed the woman a picture of her and Penelope, an old picture that she gave her right before her death.

The woman looked up at her and thought that she would be good for the position, except that that there were parts of the manor that would be big. "My Belle, I am quite impressed from what you told me. Are you sure you can handle a giant place like this to clean?" Belle, when hearing, her question, nodded. "Yes, I can handle giant rooms like this." The woman looked up at her and nodded. "Splendid. You are hired." She said, with a small smile and started to show her the parts of the house. "Oh miss, I forgot to ask, what's your name?" Belle asked, in the middle of the tour. The woman looked up at her and introduced herself as "Jane Porter." "Oh, and one thing about the picture, Penelope did seem like a nice woman. Perhaps you can see her.." Jane said, while walking. As Belle heard that last statement, she raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean by that?" She asked, with a suspicious look. Jane looked at her and thought that it would be time to tell her more in detail about the darkest secrets about the manor a bit later. "Never mind about that last statement. On with the rest of the tour, Miss Sinclair."

While walking, Belle thought that this place did look nice, yet old and this Jane woman didn't seem like a hard worker. So, she hoped that the place looked like an area where Belle would have a successful place to work at, and she felt as though her dream came true, hopefully nothing bad would happen.
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The maid is in {Written Audition}
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