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 Anastasia Lachowski

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Anastasia Lachowski

Anastasia Lachowski

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PostSubject: Anastasia Lachowski   Anastasia Lachowski I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 05, 2016 2:11 pm

Anastasia Lachowski Tumblr_obgaicWZrw1qf2u2xo1_500
Anastasia Vasilisa Lachowski
Age, appears 19 years old
Nurse at the Blackmoor Manor

Her intuitive, impulsive and abrasive nature had almost never taken her in good paths, until it became a valuable thing for the Allencourts.

When she was younger, she had known her father always had a taste for gambling, specially with the wrong people. What she didn't know at first, was that those people were not always human. She found her way through several low paid jobs, chosen for her by her mother. Her mother had always been a very honest person, a value she easily passed along to Anastasia. She was a hard working, humble and very friendly person, who had to run from town to town every time her husband messed up his deals.

Because of his business, Anastasia's father had felt the need to teach her how to defend herself, physic and psychologically. One, by learning how to shoot a fire arm, the other by wearing a mask that hid her kind heart and true thoughts most of the time. She became a very cold and sarcastic human being for anyone she didn't know nor had interest in getting to know, so she didn't gather many friends throughout her short life, before entering a new, longer one that she would never have asked for.

One evening, after finishing her second job, young Anastasia went back toa wrecked home and deceased mother. It didn't take long before whoever had hurt her mother got to her too, except they had different plans for the younger woman.
Anastasia woke up a vampire, regretting not having said a very long goodbye to the sunlight she loved so much. And she ran as far as she could from her town and her thirst, but she ended up leaving a trail of blood anywhere she tried to start fresh. Until she met people like her and other monsters alike, finding out there were places she would be welcome. And she heard about Blackmoor, ending up taking a job watching the youngest of the household.  
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Anastasia Lachowski
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