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 Noctis Caelum

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Noctis Caelum

Noctis Caelum

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Noctis Caelum
Appears to be in twenties; Actual age is over 100 years

Role- Butler in the household

Noctis is a truly a gentleman, yet that is mainly in attendance of any kind of surperior to him or people he actually likes and cares for. Since he was teached mannors and values as something of highest importance, he is very loyal. However his loyalty does have its limits. Once someone got him to actually like and care for her or him though he would do anything for that person.

Quite some many years ago he was born into a regular working family. While his mother had a tailor shop, his father worked for a noble family as butler. Given these origins Noctis got to learn quite a lot from his parents about how to be of use for people and especially how to serve. When he was younger he stayed with his mother and helped with her buisness if possible. When he got older however Noctis was able to also do small jobs for the family his father worked for. Since especially the lord of the household took quite a liking in the young man he offered to educate him, especially how to handle and use weapons.

After another few years Noctis completed his education as butler and quickly found himself a good job at a young widows mannor. Soon enough though his master turned out to be vampire that had taken enough liking in him to turn him into one as well with the intension to make him her new husband. Luckily though Noctis could escape her legally before she could actually fullfill her plans. Since then Noctis had to change his employer every few years so people wouldn´t start to find out about his new nature as vampire.

Any Special Talents/Skills- He always has a magical ring with him he either wears hidden under his clothes as a necklace or as a normal ring on his finger. This allows him to walk around in sunlight without the slightest burning.

He is quite an excellent sword fighter and just as well knows how to use and hide a dagger as well as any kind of knife.
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Noctis Caelum
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