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 (Character Profile WIP)- Megara Ravencroft

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Megara Ravencroft

Megara Ravencroft

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(Character Profile WIP)- Megara Ravencroft Empty
PostSubject: (Character Profile WIP)- Megara Ravencroft   (Character Profile WIP)- Megara Ravencroft I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 03, 2016 1:45 am

(Character Profile WIP)- Megara Ravencroft Tumblr_inline_mir5fxhjJZ1qz4rgp
Name- Megara Ravencroft
Age- 23
Your Role- Maid in the household
Personality Traits- Megara is a sassy, young woman who doesn't really take orders very well but does what she has to do in order to make a living.  While she doesn't particularly enjoy cleaning, it's far more preferable to other jobs she could be doing and for that she's grateful.  She may seem a bit strange to people who don't know her very well, but deep down Megara does care for those she considers to be her friends.
History- WIP
Any Special Talents/Skills- There are some things Meg has picked up in her past that she sometimes uses for when she's feeling bored.  She can pick locks and she's very good at picking up information that may not be considered proper, of course she's always careful and usually never uses these skills when she's working.
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(Character Profile WIP)- Megara Ravencroft
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