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 Belle Sinclair

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Belle Sinclair

Belle Sinclair

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PostSubject: Belle Sinclair   Belle Sinclair I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 08, 2016 11:26 pm

Full name: Belle Ella Sinclair

Age: 23

Your Role: Belle, ever since she was little, wanted to work as a maid. So, after working with her original homeowner, Penelope for at least a couple of years, she learned on how to be a home maid. She currently works under Jane Porter of the Blackwood Manor.

Personality Traits: Belle is a very kind, helpful, and sweet young woman who would take he job very seriously. Although she does have a kind personality, she did learn from her mother that she needed a sharp tongue if someone gets in her way in a rude manner. She does sometimes tend to be a pushover when she was little but, overcame that after getting some lessons from again, her mother. She does tend to be a little bit oblivious when it comes to danger, but does have a sharp eye if someone needs help. Then, she does tend to work a little too much and may get overwhelmed at times but, most of the time, she's calm when doing her job. She does have anxiety when there is a big problem in her hands, but tries her best to calm down. She does like to interact with others when it comes to reading, since she does like to read on break. Whenever reading, she's in a relaxed mood and concentrates when it comes to her side hobby. She's also shy when meeting new people at first, but, whenever she does know someone well, she does like to start up a conversation, and her first question would be something like, "May I help you in this area?"

History: Belle was raised in a mansion before she got the job at Blackwell Manor. She was an only child and had no brothers or sisters at all. Being an only child did get lonely, so, she read books to at least earn some knowledge. When being in the household, the family did hire a household maid, named Penelope and she and Belle got along pretty quickly and she even got taught on how to clean up a giant home. She could tell that the job did look hardworking, but, at the same time, it looked as though it did keep her very busy. She also learned French from the maid, since she was from France, and she felt that speaking two languages would at least let her earn a job. While working with her, the young brunette wanted to know on what it took to become a maid and Penelope responded with the following terms she had to keep in mind when having this position, "Kindness, determination, and compassion." She learned those words quickly and thanked the maid. She watched Penelope work at her job and continued to be her assistant for a couple of years until her death. Penelope, before she died, gave Belle a picture of the both of them so, she would take the photo with her wherever she went. When Belle turned twenty-three, she movies out and lived on her own in the woods are and started to properly clean her home, remembering Penelope's tips. On the side, she did start to look for a job that needed a maid's position, and so far, there was nothing. She did come home a couple of weeks later to visit her parents and found a newspaper in front of the door. When reading the paper, there was an article saying that there was an opening position to be at the Blackwood Manor. She did get excited and thought of this as the perfect opportunity to go for the job. She did use Penelope's supplies to bring with her to the manor, and had high hopes of getting in. As soon as she got to the manor, she was greeted by a woman named, "Jane Porter". Belle started to talk to her about herself, including her having work experience as a maid at her home. Jane, after having a chat with her, let her have the job. While touring with her, heard Jane mentioning something about seeing "Penelope in the afterlife". Belle, hearing that thought that was unusual, but tried to at least ignore it, not knowing there are spirits lingering in the job.

Special talents/Tactics: Belle, although not a supernatural creature, does have the personality of a hard worker. She does like to work quickly, but diligently. She does have the ability to learn quickly, she does have the talent of being a maid, and does follow instructions. She does not believe in spirits or ghosts, but, if she sees one, she sees one.
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Belle Sinclair
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