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 Hello Nurse! (Written Audition)

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Holly De' Kelly

Holly De' Kelly

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Hello Nurse! (Written Audition) Empty
PostSubject: Hello Nurse! (Written Audition)   Hello Nurse! (Written Audition) I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 09, 2016 9:19 pm

In the Victorian Period, there have been women who were nurses that do take care of men and women whether in pain or just need help. There was a woman who wants to get into the position, and that was Holly De' Kelly. But, due to her casual see as a prostitute, she could not get the job. So, she, bad to mainly educate herself into getting a nursing position. She had to go to the library and read up on medical terminology. "Ok, so, this means, that I have to give the person this type of medicine." She thought to herself as she wrote her notes down with the her paper and pencil.

She knew that in her heart, she wanted sex and keep her job as a prostitute, but, at the same time, she needed the money, and that certain job was not getting her anywhere. She kept on studying in the library near her home, which was around the corner. She studied and studied really hard when reading the books. She even quizzed herself on a couple of terms and felt as though she could at least, look for a school that was inexpensive so, she could get her nursing license. As she got back to her home, she was looking through her catalog to see what schools are inexpensive to go to. Unfortunately, the schools in the area are expensive, so, she had to go on with her sexual act to get money. She hated to do that but, it was the quick way to get money.

As she was doing her night job, she thought that the sex job was not so bad after all. She ended up making some money, but although it was an unhealthy job, it was better pay than working at some boring bread shop. The amount of money that she made was around a thousand, but, at least it was enough for survival and to take the medical class.

Few months later, she quit the prostitute business, but her "pimp" was not too happy with that. "What do you mean you're leaving? You are our best client! You're  just using the business for money. You know that half goes to me, bitch." She then shoved the boss into a wall and glares at him. "Well, then. I'm just going to have to take your money and get my half, boss." She responded, and punched him in the face. She then walked to his hideout and found the money and snatched it into a bag and took it home. Hopefully, that'll be enough money; she counted the money and it at least led up to the amount she needed for the class.

She did apply at an academy for women which got her to learn about the medical terminology and tools that she read about in the library. Holly was glad that she at least got to do some research on her own before she going to the school. She did look up at the teacher who was showing the class on how to use the tools and some lessons included on how to change adult underwear if necessary. She luckily passed the tests, even though it took a lot of studying and hard work.

After graduating the academy, she looked for a hospital to intern at and she did learn a couple of pointers. This was better than having that sex job for sure, but, she did had that sexy body that attracted some men, and she did wave and winked at them, but mainly needed to concentrate on the job and new lessons. She looked up at the head nurse, Miss Titina, and asked, "How am I doing?" The nurse looked at the slender, blonde haired woman and nodded. "Well, despise your appearance, I think you'll make a fine nurse." Holly looked down at her outfit, and thought that her outfit did look fine, but she was right. In order to get a full time job, she needed to dress in an appropriate manner. She did not want to argue with the lady since she did seem pretty nice, and gave her the confidence to be a good nurse.

A couple of years later, when turning around twenty-five, she finally got her license to be a nurse. She started to work in a hospital near from her home. The job seemed to be going fine until she found an advertisement mentioning that there was a manor that needed a head nurse of the place. She thought that the place could not be so bad, and she would only take care of the people at home and not a lot of patients at once. She said, "goodbye" to her home and neighbors and headed towards the manor. It was very cold out and she felt the blizzard going through her hair, and it was pretty bad. She was struggling to find the door and a couple of seconds later, she found it.

With her nurse kit and all, she hoped that she could get the job. She knocked on the door and found a brunette woman seeing the poor blonde haired woman shivering. "Oh dear. You seem cold. Come on in." Holly followed her gesture and looked at the place, and it did look big compared to what she seen in the picture. She sat down and waited for brunette haired woman to come in to bring her some tea or something. She came in and sat across from her, looking at the medical kit. "Well, I assume that you are here for a nurse's position." She said, with a small grin. Holly looked up at her and nodded. "Yes, I am. I saw your place in the advertisement in the hospital where I worked at and I thought it seemed better than working with those patients at the place." She responded, with a small grin. Like the head nurse, she thought her outfit looked a little bit inappropriate to be a nurse. Holly looked up at her and looked for a place to change. "There's a bathroom on where you can change. I do see that you have your nurse's outfit, yes?" The woman asked, with a stern look on her face. "Yes, I do." Holly responded and walked to the room and changed her outfit.

She came out a couple of seconds later in a nurse's outfit. It was a white nurse dress and it came with a cap. It did show a bit of cleavage, but, she would concentrate on the job instead of flirting with her co-workers. "Well, I have to say, you look better." The brunette woman commented, with a small smile. Holly then looked at her and gave out a small nod and waited to see on where she could work. Perhaps the nurse's room was in the downstairs area. She then got escorted to look around the home, and it did seem to be full of statues and pictures. "Wow, seems like you are into old architecture and history, including people." Holly commented when walking. As the brunette heard that, she nodded slightly and decided to quickly go to introductions. "Why, yes. I am into these types of things. I never got caught your name while having that small little chat." She said, with a small chuckle.

As Holly heard that she wanted to hear her name, she looked up at her. "Oh, my name? My name is Holly. Holly De' Kelly. You?" The brunette nodded and started to speak. "Jane Porter, miss De' Kelly. Pleasure." She said, with a small grin and took her for the rest of the tour. Although the manor did seem a bit creepy, she did have hope of the place being a good environment for her career. "Well, where does a nurse work around here?" Holly asked, while still walking. "Well, I'll show you." Jane said, with a small grin while walking. After walking, she found the place on where a nurse, like her could work in. It did seem like a small room, but it will have to do. "Hope you are settled, nurse De' Kelly." As Holly heard her professional name, she smiled. "I'll be fine, thanks." She responded, and started to get settled in her new work environment, as she was satisfied with the area.
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Hello Nurse! (Written Audition)
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