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 A gardener that sees spirits (Written Audition)

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Lina Vitrine

Lina Vitrine

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A gardener that sees spirits (Written Audition)  Empty
PostSubject: A gardener that sees spirits (Written Audition)    A gardener that sees spirits (Written Audition)  I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 09, 2016 11:37 pm

A young red haired woman named Lina Vitrine did have a "gift" that she was born with. She did see plenty of supernatural creatures, including ghosts and spirits. She did see her first ghost in her room when she was three years old.

A cry from a bedroom lingered throughout the house. "Mommy! Ghost, ghost!" She screamed with tears coming from her eyes. Her mother came into the room, seeing the young little red haired girl crying. The mother felt as though this was unusual and thought of taking her to the doctor, since she never seen this before within her daughter's life. Hopefully, the doctor could have a solution with this and see what's wrong with her.

As the doctor examined her carefully, he drew out a sigh. "She has Psychometry, something on where she can read deeply into objects, however, she will have sensitivity to them and even see ghosts. Even though we may see ghosts and not have the sensitivity to see them, she will. We do not know if there is a cure for those who have it at a young age like your daughter. I would say for when she turns around five years old, she would have to be starting therapy. I would suggest her having a therapist to talk to about her seeing ghosts and her being sensitive to objects." After hearing the doctor's advice, her parents knew that they would have to watch her more carefully in order for their little girl to be ok. "Thank you, doctor." Her mother said, as they were going back home.

When she turned around five years old, she started to see a nice therapist, "Dr. Lila." "Now, tell me about yourself." Dr. Lila said, with a sweet voice. Lina looked at her with a shivering voice, in her look, being embarrassed to reveal her secret. "Well, I see ghosts and have sensitivity to objects." Lina quivered, with a sad look on her face. "I see, Lina." Dr. Lina replied, with a concerned look on her face. "Being sensitive to objects and seeing ghosts. I see. Tell me Lina, have you touched an object before and sensed it?" Lina nodded. "No, I haven't yet? Is it good?" She asked, willing to test this power out. Dr. Lila took a pencil and gave it to her. She looked at the pencil she could detect that the doctor used it before came into the room. "I see, that you used it before I came here. I can see that this pencil makes you feel smart when writing." She did feel slightly happy that having this power would somewhat come in handy.

Dr. Lila smiled as she got that experiment done. "My, I'm impressed. Using that gift can help, but, there will be side effects. You may be sensitive to certain objects, so, be careful." The doctor said, with a concerned look, and Lina nodded. "Got it." Then, she had to ask her about the ghost question, since, she knew that the ghosts scarred her. "Now, miss Lina, what kind of ghosts do you see?" She asked. Lina, after hearing that question, did sigh for a bit. She not only felt embarrassed, but, also scared. She did see all sorts of ghosts and some spirits. "Goblins, the oogie boogie man, even many many ghosts, like that." As the doctor was hearing this, she nodded. "I see. Well, thank you for telling me this. I know your mommy and daddy told me that you have hallucinations, which meant that you see things since three, correct?" When Lina heard that question, she nodded in denial, but, it was correct. As she was looking at the doctor, she thought that she would be in trouble, so, she was scared of what the result would be, if this continued. "Ms Lila, am I in trouble?" Dr Lila looked at her and nodded. "No, you're not. You are just born with it." Lina heard that and started to tear up. "Why, is there something I can do to make it go away?" She asked, with a concerned look on her face.

The doctor thought and thought of an idea to do this, and hopefully, it'll make her feel better. "Well, what do you like, Lina?" Lina thought of that question and tried of a hobby she liked to do. "I do like going to the garden, to see pretty flowers." She said, with a cheerful smile. "Well, you can maybe help mommy and daddy with the gardening? Maybe being in that area will make you feel relaxed and you can do that as a hobby and then, make it as a dream job? Also, you can try touching the flowers and test your gift on them, and detect on how they are feeling? When a rose is sad, give it some water and then it will make it feel happy again." As Lina heard that, she got excited and nodded. After the meeting, Lina's parents knew on what to do regarding her hallucinations if she sees anything while working.

As Lina was working in the garden, she closes her eyes and touched one of daises. "Ok, it was here, wilted a couple of hours ago. Needs water." She said to herself, and watered the plant. She did start to feel better, but, her delusions were coming back. "Mommy!" She screamed, as she was running around. Her mother came, and hugged her. "There are no ghosts here, sweetie." She said, while her daughter was crying. "I saw it again.." She whimpered. Lina, with this, hoped that it would go away, even though she did not mind reading deeply into objects, she disliked seeing the ghosts, even if they are not there. She hoped that she would not have to deal with this, anymore.

As she got older, she did realize on what it was. She thought that it was bad when she was little, but when going back to the doctor, he mentioned that Psychometry was more like a human gift, and she could use her power as an advantage, even though she could be sensitive to objects and see ghosts. She personally didn't see it as a gift, but, had to accept it one way or another. She still continued to work in the garden as therapy, and still saw ghosts, while working constantly, but, some were somewhat friendly. This even got her interested in learning about her power and even some ghosts, including creatures. She went to her local library and right away, started to read all about them, and the only type of ghost she was still scared of was the "boogie man." Hopefully, she won't see that anywhere else. After studying for a couple of days, she went back home, with a ghost following her. She turned around and waved towards it briefly, and went back home. "Did you learn anything about your "gift" and topics regarding on what you are seeing?" Her mother asked, and she nodded. "Well, I did. Do you have any chamomile tea?" Lina asked, with a soft smile. "Of course." Her mom said, and got her drink ready.

Her father walked into the room on where Lina was drinking her tea. She closed her eyes and puts a finger onto the cup and detected that it was old due to the texture. Her father walked towards her with a newspaper in his hand. "I see that you've been doing so well in the family garden. Once I saw this job opening, I thought of you." As Lina saw the article, it mentioned that there was a manor that needed a gardener and she nodded, thinking that the job would be good. It would also be an opportunity for to not worry as much, regarding her anxiety getting out of the way. "I'll go." She said, with a soft smile and started to gather the supplies and started to walk to the building. It was bitter cold, and she was coughing on the way there. As she saw the manor, she knocked on the door, hoping someone would answer.

A couple of seconds later, a brunette haired woman answered the door with an eyebrow being raised. "Well, you area quite wearing the wrong clothing." She said, shaking her head. Lina, hearing that, just rushed in and started to look for a fire place. The brunette haired woman found her a fireplace, and she sat there for a couple of seconds to stay warm. The brunette saw that she had gardening equipment and nodded. "Here for a gardening position I assume?" She asked, and Lina looked up at her. "Yes, I am. I've had experience at home. So, I thought that this place would be a good opportunity to do so indeed." The brunette haired woman looked at her, and nodded. "I see. Then, let's go to the garden and I'll see what you can do." The brunette woman said. Lina was determined and felt excited, but nervous simultaneously. While walking to the garden, she flinched for a second, once again, seeing a ghost. "I see that you see ghosts... Lina." Lina, hearing that, turned around and slowly nodded. "Yes, I see them, and I also have this "gift" called Psycometry." She said, with a small sigh. "I see.. Let's carry on, miss.." "Lina, my name is Lina." She completed her introduction. "Jane Porter." The brunette woman said, introducing herself as well. They headed off to the garden, and Lina started to pick out some weeds, with a determined look on her face, trying to not let the ghosts distract her. "Hey, not bad. You're hired." As Lina heard that from Jane, she smiled. "Great, thank you, Jane." Lina said, with a grin and hugged her.

Although the manor was a giant place, Lina assumed that the place looked pretty old and it contained plenty of ghosts. She knew that her power of touching items would make her remember the first time someone was at the place, would at least make her learn about the manor a bit more. She was going to try her best without the ghosts getting in her way. She could see them, but, a simple "shoo" won't let them go away. She would have to think of some ways to survive her job with this "gift". "I can do this." She thought to herself as she was continuing to maintain the garden.
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A gardener that sees spirits (Written Audition)
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