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 Holly De' Kelly

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Holly De' Kelly

Holly De' Kelly

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PostSubject: Holly De' Kelly   Holly De' Kelly I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 11, 2016 10:48 pm

Full name: Holly De' Kelly

Age: 25

Your role: Holly, originally a prostitute, wanted to get a degree in nursing, so, she switched her career by going to college to taking a medical class to learn about nursing. She then interned at a hospital to gain more experience and then, she's currently working a home-health nurse under Jane Porter at the Blackwood Manor.

Personality Traits: Holly is a woman who may look sexy due to her appearance, but, does take her job very seriously. She does flirt with a couple of people for fun, but, tries not to go back to her old job technique, which was sex. She does like to interact and have tea every once in a while and if stressed, she smokes by using a pipe. She's mainly in her office working and treating her patients with a good cure, whether it could be a simple medication, or doing a small operation. She may at times be a bit clumsy, whether by words or by small mistakes, but she does try her best to fix them. At times, she could be stressed due to the fact that she may have to deal with patients, but at least this was better than being at a hospital. She did feel better being at a manor than working at a busy building, even though this place could sometimes get busy. At times, her work job, could be overwhelming that could be stressful, but at least she tries to keep things calm while working. She is quite interested in the house more than anything but, she does not know on what really lingers in the house. When someone tries to get into a fight with her, she does try to fight back in a ladylike manner, but does have a sharp tongue. With her patients, she tries to at least be serious with them, but at the same time, be a patient nurse, as that's her job, is to be patient but serious.

History: When Holly was younger, all she wanted to do is help people, so, she thought of being a nurse, like her Aunt. So, she and her were playing nurse and patient, so she could get the idea of what being a nurse was like. She did start to lead from her Aunt and after playing and hearing her stories of being one, she knew that career will be the right path. She did hear that there will be advantages and disadvantages of being one, but with the determination and seriousness of sticking to getting people better, she would be good. Years later, did go to school and learned her subjects and at least get educated and meet some new people. She did run into drama here and there, and the tuition was pretty high, but she went through her years of schooling. When she turned into an adult, she had to deal with the loss of her aunt and she had to live on her own. So, she had to get a small house, and paying her taxes was hard. She got tired of being poor, so, she had to do something about it, so, she got into prostitution and although it was giving her some money, it was not getting her anywhere and wanted to at least focus on her dream job. So, during the day, she traveled back and forth to the library and tried to study and catch up on her education of being a nurse. She did read up on medicine, cures, and even some tools to use if there is a necessary small surgery procedure. Although this was not the medical terminology her aunt taught her, she was at least learning them. She did study constantly, needing to know on what terms to use when hearing a patient describing their symptoms. She felt as though by leaning these terms, she'll earn a better understanding of what the patient could be feeling. At night, she was either doing two things; studying or doing that prostitution job for money, so, she could at least live. Holly did have mixed feelings about the job; She liked it because it was at least giving her quick cash, but, at the same time, did not like the job due to the fact that her "pimp" was taking half of the money she needed. At least this job was better than working at the bread shop and not earning much. When it came to her owning more money than needed, she quit the prostitution business a couple of months later. At first, bad boss did not want her to leave and even yelled at her, even he accused her of using him to just get money. As soon as she heard that, she punched him square in the face and snuck off to his area on where she took his half of the money and her money, so, she'll at least have some for not only survival, but, also money for a course in nursing. After getting the money she needed, she went to the academy for women and took a class on nursing. She pretty much learned the same thing she read from the library, and she did pass the tests and quizzes. Although being in the class required more studying, it was worth going to the library. After graduating, she did earn an internship at the nearest hospital near her home and interned there for a couple of months. Although she liked it, they were plenty of patients to work with and most of them were tough and some were easy. At least this was better than doing that sex job. While working, and did find an advertisement in a newspaper saying that there was an opening positing for a nursing job at a manor. Although it would be more of a distance to walk from her house to the place, she would not mind trying it out. As she was walking, she did wear the wrong outfit, which was a skimpy, white dress, and it was cold out. She luckily took her medical kit, and a blanket with her to keep warm during the blizzard and to change into her medical outfit. As soon as she got to the manor, she was interviewed by a woman named Jane Porter. During the small chat, Jane thought her outfit was a bit inappropriate, so, Holly changed into her nursing outfit. Jane then took Holly for a brief tour around the manor and the blonde haired lady noticed that the house had old statues and historical pictures of people, not knowing they're ghosts in the building as well. As Holly got escorted by Jane to her new office, she was satisfied with the work area.

Special talents/abilities: Holly does know on how to be patient with the people she works with in the place. She does try her best to listen to what her patient needs to feel better, and at least tries to find the right cure. She also tries her best to use her tools in the most proper way fashion, if a small surgery is required. She may not believe in ghosts or anything similar to that, but if she sees a spirit, she sees one, and at smart tries to deal with them while working.
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Holly De' Kelly
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