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 Lina Vitrine

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Lina Vitrine

Lina Vitrine

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PostSubject: Lina Vitrine   Lina Vitrine I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 12, 2016 12:36 am

Full Name: Lina Vitrine

Age: 22

Your Role: Lina is a gardener at the Blackwood Manor. She has had experience with gardening since she was a little girl, so, she was glad to take the chance to work under Jane Porter. She also does use her power of Psychometry to detect objects, and while gardening, she uses this power to detect on how long the flowers were there, and how many people were there in the house and to see if the flowers need to be watered or not.

Personality traits: Lina is a very shy and quiet young woman and does tend to work in the garden most of the time. She does mainly like to talk about plants, and about what she leaned about them when she was with her parents. She does have sensitivity to certain objects and tries her best to not be afraid of ghosts; however, she does not like to talk about it in private since she does bit like to discuss it out loud to a whole bunch of people. When being around creatures, she does try to at least be unafraid by pretending to have a smile on her face, but on the inside, she's scared of them. She's ashamed to talk about her past, so, again, she likes to keep certain things to herself, unless it's around a person she could trust. Despise her being too quiet, she could be sociable when she trusts a person very well as once she talks, she does try to stay on topic and not getting distracted by ghosts while being in the middle of the conversation. Although she does have Psychometry, she only uses that talent to study old figures and certain objects and not all of them since she's sensitive. So, she's delicate when using her power. When being being around ghosts, she does try to not be distracted by them, and like creatures, tries to be "ok" around them, since she's still afraid of them, but, sometimes, tries not to mind them. She also takes her job very seriously and she is a hard worker.

History: Lina first discussed her loser when she was only three years old when she first saw a ghost in her room. She got really scared, thinking that there was an actual ghost in her room. Her parents, noticing this brought her to a doctor and he diagnosed the small girl very carefully and he revealed that she had "Psychometry" and explained that someone having that power was rare. He explained to her parents that she'll still be sensitive to objects and can see ghosts. Although trying to find a cure, for now, she could use her "gift", as though she could use it in further research and memories of the objects. Regarding Lina's ghost situation, the doctor declared that she would have to go see a therapist to task about her fear. At around five years old, Lina was sent to a therapist and while being there, she and the therapist talked about her seeing ghosts and having her sensitivity to objects. The therapist, willing to test her power out, gave her a simple object, which was a pencil. As soon Lina touched the pencil, she started to recall a memory of Dr. Lila using the pencil a couple of hours ago before the family arrived. After that test proved to be successful, Dr. Lila then asked Lina on what was going on, regarding her ghost problem. Lina explained to the therapist that she saw all sorts of ghosts, and she got scared around them. In order to prevent that fear from going any further, Dr. Lila thought of asking Lila on what she liked to do for fun. Lina then answered that she does like to go into her parents' garden and be around their flowers. So, Dr. Lila suggested that Lila should try working in garden, so, she could try not to be distracted by the ghosts that were "after her". When Lina began to work in the garden, she decided to use her power on a flower, testing to see on how long it was there before the family came home. She detected that the flower was wilted a couple of hours ago and she needed to water it. After watering the plant, she "started" to see a ghost and cried once again. Her mother rushed once again, hugging her claiming that there was no ghosts in the garden; Ljna responded with "I saw it again." As she got older, she started to realize two things: having this "gift" was not that bad, and her of ghosts started to subside. Although she could see them, she needed to at least know about each type, so, she wanted to know about her power, and so, she headed off to the library. While being at the library, she also read about her power and thought that she could use it as a gift, but personally, did not see the power as a "gift" but, had to accept on what she had one way or another. After studying in the library for a couple of days, she got back home where she tested her power once again while having a cup of tea. She detected that the cup was old, due to the texture. When drinking her tea, her father showed her an advertisement in the newspaper and it said that there was a place that needed a gardener's position. Lina looked at the paper and saw it was a manor, which did look pretty big and fancy compared to her own house and decided to try it. So, she grabbed her gardening equipment and headed towards the house. She got to the home, while being cold, and a brunette woman named Jane Porter into the manor, while being in the place, Lina told Jane about her powers reluctantly as a ghost started to approach her. She then told Jane about her experience regarding her gardening at her own home and Jane decided take her to a garden. After Lina demonstrated her work duty, Jane gave her the job. Although Lina liked having the job, she would have to go past the action of avoiding the ghosts and big let them distract her. She would use her power of Psychometry to learn more about the manor in detail, even thought it was old, she would learn more about the place.

Special talents/Tactics: Lina has Psychometry, which is mainly touching objects and recalling their memories. She does this by closing her eyes and touching the object. She may be sensitive to certain objects, but used this power as an advantage. She does see ghosts in dark areas, but tries to not be afraid of them. Besides that power, she does have knowledge about plants and knows which ones are fine, and which ones are old.
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Lina Vitrine
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