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 From being accused to being a spirit {Written Audition}

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Ariel Bennett

Ariel Bennett

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From being accused to being a spirit {Written Audition} Empty
PostSubject: From being accused to being a spirit {Written Audition}   From being accused to being a spirit {Written Audition} I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 14, 2016 4:35 pm

Ms. Ariel Bennett was a peasant woman who indeed was very charming and sweet. She was so very caring around other people, including her grandmother, who taught we her witchcraft. Although learning about voodoo was magical, she didn't know that people would not see her as unordinary if the townspeople would see her doing that in public, so, she making kept that secret between her and her grandmother. "Just do not do what I do in public, or else, people will accuse you at being a witch, and possibly, burn you." As Ariel heard that, she felt her heart beat really fast, and right away, had to follow her grandmother's order before she could die so young, and not go on for the rest of her life.

The powers in which her grandmother did was her among working with medical purposes like healing people, and she did not understand on what was wrong with healing people at all. Her grad other was more of a kitchen witch and worked with mainly plants and other types of food to create unique recipes. Her granddaughter, Ariel she eventually start to catch on learning about making these types of recipes and food and cooking with stones was actually not that bad and healing people would help others stay alive instead of being hurt and suffering through their pain. She just wished that people would accept her grandmother for what she was one day, and she had to come out without the result of being executed and burned at the stake.

So, one day, Ariel came back with some leaves; and went up to her with a concerned look on her face. "What's wrong dear?" Her grandmother asked, with a worried look on her face. Ariel drew out a sigh and looked at her grandmother straight in the eye. "Listen, I know we've been keeping out powers to ourselves, but, I think we should at least come out and tell the townspeople that we've been practicing our witchcraft for the good and not for bad purposes." As soon as she heard her granddaughter saying that, she was taken back and shook with fear. "No, we shouldn't. Remember what I said. If the people see us practicing our voodoo in public, we'll be burned at the stake." Ariel then looked at her with a determined look, willing to take this chance. "Listen, we cannot just keep ourselves pretending to be regular humans. We are different, and that's what makes us special compared to these normal townspeople."

Her grandmother sighed a large sigh, and hoped that coming clean would at least make them unique and use them for good purposes. "We also deal with nature, and make special recipes with what we make from the natural elements, and besides, people may be willing to try our recipes!" Although Ariel's grandma was seeing her optimism, she was still afraid of the both of them being witches. "Well, if you say so, but if we get chased, please don't blame me." Ariel rolled her eyes at that and they both walked outside their cottage hand in and hand.

Although Ariel and her grandmother did stand out amongst the people, Ariel thought they were unique, and though they wanted to stay that way. As Ariel approached the mayor of the town, she took her grandmother's hand and looked straight at them. The mayor looked at the both of them and cocked an eyebrow straight up. "How may I help you two?" He asked, with a straight face. Ariel saw that he had a seriously look on his face, and Ariel sighed as she was ready to them. "Well, Mayor Clement, my grandmother and I barely come out of our home to interact with the townspeople. It's because..." The mayor looked at the two of them with a look on his face. "You've been practicing witchcraft, am I correct or have you been lying to us?" Ariel's grandmother looked at the man with tears in her eyes and nodded. "I got this." Ariel whispered to her grandmother and looked up at the mayor.

"Execute them at once!" Mayor Clement demanded as the townspeople ran up to them with angry facial expressions. Ariel then turned around towards the people and looked at them straight in the eye. "Look, if you're going to look at as stereotypical witches, you're going to have to hear our reason as to why we should not be executed. We make unique meals by using leaves and natural earth ingredients and it's not like we're worshipping the devil or anything! Honestly! We also heal one another, so, we could also cure.." "Enough of your nonsense, witches." The mayor cited as he did not want to brother to continue hearing on what they do, whether its good or bad. "You two shall be executed at once, this evening." Ariel started to cry and felt as though she should have took her grandmother's advice and stayed inside the house.

That night, both Ariel and her grandmother were tied up with ropes around their waist and their back was up against a stake. "Any last words?" The mayor asked with a whole bunch of people coming towards them with fire on sticks. Ariel or her grandmother looked at one another and sighed. "Well, in the afterlife, I bet you will see and meet others who would believe you." Her grandmother said, with tears in her eyes. Ariel then looked at her grandmother and smirked as she struggled to get out of the tightrope, but, she could not. "Let us go!" She commanded, with a look of anger. "Well, if those are your final words, fine. We do not want devil-worshipers like you." The mayor said, and started to put the fire on the stakes. Ariel did have to take the risk on dealing with the consequences, but at the same time, did not want to be in hiding forever. She and her grandmother felt the fire touching the fleshes of their skin and died on that very night.

Ariel's spirit led up to heaven and her body was in the body of a ghost like creature, but she still had those powers on what her grandmother taught her and thought of using them well. She was flying towards her grave where she died a couple of nights ago and wanted to revive her body, but unfortunately it did not work. She was determined to try to at least use her body for being a "human" instead of haunting people with her spirit mode. She tried again several times until her body started to slowly rise from her grave. Although she could  interact with other ghosts and spirits, she just wished that while she was still alive, people would believe her and her grandmother before she died. As she was flying in the air, she felt strange. "What the.." She spoke to herself as she went through her own gravestone. "How?" She questioned herself again. She then flew around the area, seeing the townspeople and thought it would be fun to try to interact with them.

She flew down and saw some woman that looked friendly and looked at her. "Hello!" She greeted with a smile. The woman looked at her, pretending that did not see her. "Hello?" She asked, as she saw her walking away. As she was about to try and greet other people, she felt some sort of aura going around her. What was going on now? She followed the energizing aura and saw that there was a manor, a huge one. It did look like a nice place to stay, so, she decided to sneak in, without other people noticing. She landed onto the ground and hid herself in the walls, hoping that she could at least greet people this way. "Maybe people will notice me." She thought to herself with a smirk, as she saw that people were entering the manor, willing to get to know them, and hopefully believe in her on not being a bad person originally before getting executed and burned on that night.
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From being accused to being a spirit {Written Audition}
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