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 Seraphin Swann

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Seraphin Swann

Seraphin Swann

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PostSubject: Seraphin Swann   Seraphin Swann I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 14, 2016 6:49 pm

Seraphin Swann Seraph11

Full name: Seraphin Swann
Age: 26 years
Species : Mermaid
Your role: Majordomo
Personality traits: Seraphin is someone distant with the other, he do his job wel, it's very important to him but it's pretty rare to see him sympathize with other people. he applied in his work and never balks to the job.Polite and respectful yet he always seems to hide something. He's always seems a little sad or gloomy but he is very empathetic with other and try to help them, even if he try to stay alone he can't stop to help other. He avoid all the questions who are to intimate or on his past.
Any special talents/skills: Of course he can sing, he had a very beautiful voice but he stop to use it. When he saw that
his voice can hurt people he choose to stop. It's really hard for him because he really enjoy sing. He's also an excellent
darftsman and know how to be a real interior man.

Story : Seraphin lived to the ocean before, his life was peaceful and boring, until he was choosen for an arange marriage for unify two villages. He could accept it if his husband didn't ask to use his voice for sinking boats and  retrieve their treasures. He couldn't accept to kill innocent people so he leave the ocean and his husband, he walk a while before he found the mansion where he could be on security, unfortunally he's always a danger for other.
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Seraphin Swann
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