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 Esmeralda Lauffray

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Esmeralda Lauffray

Esmeralda Lauffray

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PostSubject: Esmeralda Lauffray   Esmeralda Lauffray I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 14, 2016 8:06 pm

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Full name: Esmeralda Lauffray
Age: 153 years
Species : Gosth
Your role: Maid
Personality traits: Esmeralda is gay, always happy and perky. Very friendly and a little seductive she likes embarrass others by teasing them a little ( but nothing too serious ). she loves throwing challenge. She had no shame or problem with personal espace, she can touch people or hug them without any problem. But when she saw someone only attrack by her body or someone making infidelity she totally change, and she'll do anything for punish them, she can't control herself. She defand all her friends even behind a noble, she's not afraid of other since she's a gsth now, she already lost everything she had and she can't be hurt, be don't you dare to hurt her friends, you really don't want to see her angry ! She's really combative and stubborn.
Any special talents/skills: She's really good with magic trick, she had agile hands, if she wanted she could be an excellent thief but she didn't see the interest, except for make some joke to the other maid.

Story :Esme was a maid on a very rich familly, the husband wanted here for her beautiful body. But she always push him away since she had already a lover, a woman, on her life. unfortunally, the wife thinking she try to take his husband away and she killing her with a bullet on her eye before destroy this young and beautiful body. Esmeralda come back on a gosth because she was so sad to leave the love of her life, she stay with her dear during all her life, invisible but careful ... Her lover never find someone else to sad, thinking esmeralda run away with an other lover. When her lover die she run away, didn't know where to go ... She finally found the mansion and know work like a maid again. When the masters have some guests and when some of them show some infidelity she immediately turn angree and use her body and knowledge for make their life like hell.

Esmeralda Lauffray Emeral11
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Esmeralda Lauffray
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