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 Ariel Bennett

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Ariel Bennett

Ariel Bennett

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PostSubject: Ariel Bennett   Ariel Bennett I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 15, 2016 11:35 pm

Full name: Ariel Bennett

Age: 300 (appears around 26 in age)

Species: Ghost/Spirit (Has bad witch powers and uses her "human form" to go around the manor)

Your role: Although she is a spirit, she doesn't have a job in the manor; however, she tries to act like a human in her ghost for at least try to help the other worked or the main people. Before becoming a spirit, she was cooking recipes from natural ingredients such as stones or leaves and was a healer. Even as a spirit, she still has the power to heal people in need.

Personality traits: Ariel, before being accused as a witch, was a kind young peasant woman and liked being around her grandmother, helping her while being educated regarding f on how to use her witch powers in a good way, and she did like to cook meals. She did keep her secret hidden since she didn't want to be executed. She did not like to reveal it, but wanted to come out of hiding. As a spirit, however, she still tries to keep her secret in as being accused as a witch and only wanted yes to be known as a good person at the time. While being around humans, she does try to at least be friendly and playful, and of course, even helpful! She does sometimes like to scare them for fun, not for mean purposes. She does not want to be known as the "devil-worshipper" as the mayor of her town declared her and her grandmother to be before being killed. When being around other spirits or creatures, she does like to hear their stories about what happened to them, but at least tries to be friendly. She also sometimes likes to sing to brighten up someone's mood throughout the evening. She is quite sensitive to fire and tends to be scared around the flames since she was killed by that. She does not mind the cold since it does like to make her feel calm, but when being in the heat, she tries to stay away from it.

History: Before being executed and killed for being a witch, Ariel was a peasant woman who did develop powers and learned from her grandmother who was a "kitchen witch". She and her grandmother did some learning from one another, however, their theories about coming out to the public were very different. Her grandmother did not want to come out since she was scared of being burned and Ariel, although did agree with her, wanted to come out and reveal their secrets of being witches. Although people did believe at the time that witches were "devil worshippers", Ariel personally thought that them being good kitchen witches was a good thing since try were making unique meals with natural earth ingredients and they do heal one another if being hurt. As Ariel finally convinced her to go go the public to go to the public and reveal that although they are witches, but only do good, her grandmother finally went along with it, still doubting it'll go well. As soon as Ariel and her grandmother had the courage to go to the mayor and reveal their reason as to why they never leave the house, the mayor just automatically assumed that they were witches and wanted them executed at once. Ariel, after hearing that, tried her best to explain to the mayor and townspeople that they are good witches and not letting them accuse her and her grandmother for being stereotypical witches, such as them worshipping the devil. the mayor, still not believing them, still wanted them dead at once. Ariel had nothing else to say, except her struggling to go to let the townspeople believe them. On that very night, Ariel and her grandmother were tied up to the stake and they got burned as looks were calling them "witches". A couple of nights later, Ariel did wake up in a ghost's body and tried to raise her own body up from the grave and tell people once again. Unfortunately, after a couple of times, she could not raise her body from the grave to wake it up. So, she had to go on for the rest of her life, as a spirit, and even discovered new powers, such as going through her own tombstone. Luckily, she was able to keep some of the qualities she had once as a human like healing others and identify items for recipes. While flying around town, she saw some townspeople and decided to try to communicate with them and they just ignored her. While trying to communicate with people, she felt an energizing aura coming from a manor. She followed the aura and she saw that the manor was nice and huge. When seeing the other people going in, she assumes that they would be willing to get to know her, so, to greet them, she thought of an idea. She decided to hide in a wall of the manor, having high hopes of someone believing her to be a good person at the time before being accused.

Special Talents/ Tactics: While Ariel is still a spirit, she does keep the same powers as she was when once being a human. She does heal others if being hurt and can talk like her usual self. She can fly through walls and doors, like most ghosts and other spirits do. She would also interact with both humans and other creatures just by simply talking. She could also identify food items for cooking, and although she may not physically touch them, she could at least see them with her own eyes and memories.
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Ariel Bennett
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