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 Naveen dos Santos

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Naveen dos Santos

Naveen dos Santos

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PostSubject: Naveen dos Santos   Naveen dos Santos I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 03, 2016 7:40 am

Name - Naveen dos Santos.

Nationality - Brazilian.

Age - 26.

Role - Groundskeeper.

Positive Personality Traits - Cheerful, upbeat, curious, inventive, passionate, quick witted.

Negative Personality Traits - stubborn, paranoid to some degree, slightly cowardly, very individualistic due to trust issues.

Special Talents - Naveen is very keen on memorizing and adapting to his surroundings, easily being able to find passage ways or figuring out puzzles. He also has minor knowledge of the occult due to a strange presence he feels is constantly following him around.

Background - born to a middle class family of brazilians, Naveen was very outgoing and a party animal of sorts, eventually bringing his small fortune down until he was bankrupt. Having moved to Europe as a means of pursuing job offers, he decided to settle with a simple salary as a groundskeeper in an odd mannor. Little did he know that his troubles were just getting started, as an old presence already made its way after him...
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Naveen dos Santos
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