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 Helga Sinclair

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Helga Sinclair

Helga Sinclair

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Helga Katrina Sinclair
Age, 30 years old
Head Cook of the Blackmoor Manor

Although her thoughts are very agitated, Helga has a very calm and authoritarian exterior. She cherishes her personal space and her possessions, and dislikes when either is violated by the slightest. She enjoys being in control of any situation she finds herself in and, even though she may be distressed by the lack of it, she will still portray her usual calm and sense of domination. Being a very ambitious woman, Helga always works to the maximum of her abilities and never gives less than 100%. That applies to her relationships, being it a friendship, romantic or one based on dislike. She can become vengeful if hurt or wronged, but she is very loyal to the ones she trusts and/or loves.

She is very approachable but it is hard to gain her trust, much less likely her friendship. But she is a good worker and will help a colleague in need, keeping the relationship with her coworkers not very intimate but close enough so they can count on each other's help.

She is a good cook and has tried to achieve perfection in all the arts involved with the craft, such as the extensive knowledge of plants, dexterity in handling her working materials and heightened senses of taste and smell, due to her practice.
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Helga Sinclair
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