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 Meier Allencourt

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Meier Allencourt
Meier Allencourt

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Meier Allencourt Meier_10

Meier Allencourt
Age unknown; appears late twenties
Lord of Blackmoor

Meier is the picture of a gentleman; he is utterly polite and impeccable in his manners with equals and subordinates alike. When needed, he will take control of a situation, even physically. He doesn't tolerate disrespect. Like his sister-in-law, he is guarded about himself, though perhaps not as much. He seems to be distant from all but Carmilla.

Meier is the youngest son of the Allencourt family, and the only remaining male heir. His family has owned Blackmoor for generations and has always been insular. His was a lonely childhood; his brother was much older and the servants weren't allowed to be overly familiar with him, due to difference in social station. Often left to his own devices in the third floor nursery, he spent a great deal of time reading or tinkering with things.

Years later, Carmilla entered the picture as his new sister-in-law. As they were close in age, he was happy to have a true peer around. For Carmilla, she was happy to have a friend in such a remote place far from her childhood home.

At some point, the rest of the Allencourts died, leaving only him and Carmilla. Now, they are surrounded themselves with supernaturals and humans alike, though for what purpose remains unclear. He spends much of his time in the laboratory or the workshop, which are off limits to most of the staff. Occasionally, he will meet with a guest to discuss business he has maintained in the outside world for income.

Being nobility, Meier has had an education reflecting that and has acquired many skills such as tracking, skill with firearms and blades, and mastery of different languages.
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Meier Allencourt
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