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 Jane Porter

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Jane Porter
Jane Porter

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Jane Porter Jane_p10

Jane Porter
26 years old

Jane is a very strict person on the job, and doesn't tolerate sloppy work or disrespectful workers. Everything must be just so or else. She's not paid to be nice, as she says, so she only maintains the barest courtesy to anyone working under her when there's work to do. She would rather be an unpleasant taskmaster than have the estate dissolve into chaos because of lazy servants.

Jane was born to mixed-station couple; her mother, from a incredibly wealthy family, had eloped with her father, Archimedes Porter, an adventurer of simple means. While she was young, her parents traveled the world, seeking out the strange and wonderful. Along the way, Jane learned much of the supernatural, though never believed it was true at the time. For her, it was simply entertaining.

When she was seven, however, her family found itself in a very old castle that belonged to a countess not unlike her future employers in being surrounded by mystery and superstitions of the nearby village folk. They stayed within the countess' castle for five days before Jane learned the terrible truth of her hostess' nature: the countess was in fact, a vampire. The Countess drank her parents dry, but kept Jane as a sort of surrogate daughter for the next seven years. Jane learned much about the supernatural world, and even rituals binding spirits to objects and people, as the Countess had made herself a vampire by binding a blood demon to her own soul.

When she was fourteen and the Countess had let her guard down enough, Jane attacked her in her resting place and drove a dagger through the Countess' heart. Going a step further, Jane was able to bind the Countess' spirit to a mirror, as payback for being held hostage. After that, Jane left the castle behind and tried to settle back into the human world. She eventually found a quiet town in England, just outside Blackmoor.

She managed to live in town for a few days quietly, working in a inn as laundress, until she got a surprise: Lady Carmilla Allencourt, sitting in her rented room within the inn. Carmilla could sense the Countess' spirit that Jane still carried with her and had sought it out herself. Carmilla coaxed Jane's story out of her over the next few hours. Impressed, Carmilla offered Jane a place at Blackmoor, with unrestricted access to her collection of artifacts, occult books, and alchemical laboratory. Jane was hesitant to surround herself with supernaturals again. However, learning magic had been her one reprieve during her imprisonment and she missed dabbling out in the open, away from superstitious neighbors. Magic meant power, power meant safety. She already dealt with the Countess--what harm could other creatures be? So, she agreed.

Ever since, she has stayed at Blackmoor, honing her skill with magic and developing new alchemical equations alongside her employers. She is one of the very few who know her employers' goals, and perhaps the only one they trust to help them.

Jane is skilled in magic and alchemy, and a decent shot.
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Jane Porter
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